A Message from Krysta - May 2017

Author Krysta Fox
May 28 2017

Dear Valued Member,

This month, I want to talk about the power of ideas, and what DMCC is doing to really listen to its stakeholders. In 2016, we launched DMCC Idea Management to our Free Zone employees. To date, this curated platform has generated over 500 ideas, and more than 90 of them have been shortlisted for implementation. Already, eight of those ideas have been completed.

We are talking about improvements that would never have happened but for the fact that we asked our employees to share. And they did so, with enthusiasm, lateral thinking and a genuine desire to help our members. In turn, we recognised and rewarded our idea generators, plus we gave them a chance to be involved in the project implementation.

We believe DMCC companies are just as committed to making this business community successful; helping every member company to grow. Soon, we will open DMCC Idea Management to you. This is a forum for you to tell us how we can improve, to share your innovative ideas, and to take part in the joint success of every business. You too will be recognised, and invited to participate in the implementation. You can read more about this initiative in this issue.

I can’t wait to see the amazing ideas come in…

Till next month, I wish you much success.

Ramadan Kareem!

Best regards,